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I have a collection of approximately 500 Country Music vinyl LP records (plus some CDs) which has taken over forty years to accumulate and, as I’m moving to a small flat with little storage room, I need to sell some of them. I want to sell them as individual items rather than as a complete collection so no offers from dealers please.

None of them will be mint as they’ve been well played over the years and some of the covers show signs of wear. If you enquire about an album I’ll play it and let you know if it’s OK. Although I’ve said that none will be in mint condition, occasionally I’ve managed to get more than one copy of a record and, if this has happened, one is normally still sealed.

There’s also a few CDs included and these are on the artist’s page.

How To Find Albums

This link takes you to a list of artists each of whom has their own page. There’s also two pages called One–Offs which consist of the artists that I’ve only got one one record.

Link To List Of Artists

General Stuff

I’m in Scarborough and have no problem with anyone wanting to call and see the collection but, as previously stated, I’m not interested in selling my collection to a dealer. I will be moving to York in a few weeks so if you live near there keep an eye on this website and I’ll update it when I move.

I will not sell a CD copied from one of my vinyl LPs so please don’t ask, no matter how veiled your request might be.

Finally, I would appreciate any comments about the site and please let me know if you find any broken links – Martyn Naylor..

How To Contact Me

I’m in Scarborough and you can contact me by phone at 01723 – 361392 or e-mail.
If you send an e–mail, due to some e–mails ending up in my junk mail would you please put COUNTRY MUSIC in the subject line.
I check my e–mails regularly but I’m not a business so they may not be answered immediately but I will get back to you.

If you’re in or near Scarborough you can always call in to see me but it would be advisable to ring first.

Ordering And Paying

Payments may be made using sterling cheques, postal orders or by PayPal. I’m not a dealer so I’m afraid that I can’t accept credit or debit cards.
Whichever way you decide to pay for the records please contact me first and tell me what you want. I’ll play them and make sure that they play properly as I don't want to sell anything that’s not in a good condition. If there’s anything wrong with the records you've chosen I’ll get back to you and let you know.
I don’t do returns because I know how easy it is to get a record, copy it, scratch it and complain.

Packing & Postage

This obviously depends on the number of records purchased but as an example; one record would be £1.00 packing and £2.90 for second class inland post.

List Of Artists

That’s enough reading, use the link below and have a browse through my collection of Country Music LPs and CDs and I’m certain that you will find something of interest. Good hunting !!

List Of Artists

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